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Unleash your inner rockstar!
Every contest is a new journey: a tribute to a legendary song, an homage to an epic album, a creativity challenge, and more...

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Previous Contests:

Check out the past contests and enjoy the RIFF LIFE Contest experience by browsing our archive below...

Contest #13

"80's Era Medley"

(22/03 to 14/04)

8 contestants

Contest #12

"Enter Sandman"

(23/02 to 10/03)

11 contestants

Contest #11

"Anger Solo"

(19/01 to 04/02)

4 contestants

Contest #10


(déc. 2023 to déc. 2023)

7 contestants

Contest #9

"72 Seasons"

(août 2023 to août 2023)

9 contestants

Contest #8

"Clean'Em All"

(sept. 2022 to oct. 2022)

16 contestants

Contest #7

"Black Medley"

(juil. 2022 to juil. 2022)

14 contestants

Contest #6

"Ain't My Bitch"

(juin 2022 to juin 2022)

6 contestants

Contest #5

"Devil's Dance"

(mai 2022 to mai 2022)

10 contestants

Contest #4

"Through The Never"

(avr. 2022 to avr. 2022)

14 contestants

Contest #3


(mars 2022 to avr. 2022)

6 contestants

Contest #2


(janv. 2022 to févr. 2022)

13 contestants

Contest #1

"To Live Is To Die"

(oct. 2021 to nov. 2021)

11 contestants

What's the concept of RIFF LIFE Contests?

RIFF LIFE is where Metallica fans and musicians unite, belting out and riffing to their favorite Metallica tunes. From our early days, we've hosted contests to challenge Riffers to showcase their skills on a shared theme, culminating in a community-wide vote to crown the rock legends!

The stages of Riff supremacy

Every contest is a triple-stage event:

  1. "Enrollment" phase: Record your killer riff video, upload it, and join the bandwagon.
  2. "Vote" phase: Watch, headbang, and vote for the riffs that set your soul on fire.
  3. "Results" phase: Revel in the victory roar as the top riffs take the spotlight in our results video.

Join the RIFF LIFE contestants!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, all are welcome here.
Upload your riff, cast your vote, to be a part of our rocking community: you’ll be set to rock!

Rocking rewards

It’s all about the music, the thrill, and the community. But hey, who doesn't love goodies?
As an official chapter of the Met Club, keep an eye out – we might just have some surprises for our contest winners. Stay tuned, rockers! 🌟


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